Product News: IL Launches ACL TOP 300 CTS Hemostasis Testing System

12 Jul 2012

Instrumentation Laboratory (IL), has announced the worldwide commercial launch of the ACL TOP 300 CTS Hemostasis Testing System, as the newest member of the ACL TOP Family. Ideally suited for processing 50-100 patient samples per day, the ACL TOP 300 CTS offers full Testing Process Automation for low-to-medium-volume, routine or specialty Hemostasis laboratories or as an adjunct to other installed ACL TOP systems.

The ACL TOP 300 CTS completes the ACL TOP Family, which also includes: ACL TOP 700, ACL TOP 700 CTS, ACL TOP 700 LAS, and ACL TOP 500 CTS. Utilizing the same advanced technology, intuitive software, consumables and HemosIL® reagents, the ACL TOP 300 CTS provides the same results as all other ACL TOP Family members, in a smaller footprint.

With no additional reagents, consumables or training required, the ACL TOP 300 CTS delivers significant efficiency for labs, in terms of time and costs. IL offers a complete and true family of Hemostasis testing systems capable of meeting the testing needs of any Hemostasis lab or hospital network, regardless of size or scope, for a fully integrated testing environment.

“Today, with economic pressures on laboratories, the new ACL TOP 300 CTS system offers significant cost-efficiency, eliminating the need for training and reducing inventory requirements,” said Remo Tazzi, Director of Hemostasis Marketing at IL. “Further, the ACL TOP 300 CTS allows our customer to create the ideal configuration of systems to meet the volume needs of their laboratory, by adding it to other ACL TOP systems; plus, it allows us to broaden accessibility of the ACL TOP Family to smaller institutions and satellite facilities.”

Since the base model ACL TOP was introduced in 2004, the ACL TOP Family has risen to become one of the most successful Hemostasis platforms in the world. Currently there are more than 3,000 systems installed in over 50 countries worldwide and growing.