Product News: Innovative spherical SPE material – CHROMABOND® HR-X

10 Oct 2007

MACHEREY-NAGEL, one of the leading companies for chromatography products, introduces the new HR-X spherical SPE-phase to its extensive line of CHROMABOND® products, especially developed for pharmaceutical applications.

This innovative SPE phase is based on spherical state-of-the-art polymer and is suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. It is especially suitable for enrichment of pharmaceuticals from biological matrices (such as urine, blood, serum and plasma but also tablets, creams and water/waste water).

Already available from MACHEREY-NAGEL are several other CHROMABOND® products: the CHROMABOND® HR-P is a special SPE-cartridge for environmental applications and the CHROMABOND® EASY is a polar, bifunctional modified polystyrene divinylbenzene copolymer. CHROMABOND® HR-X is offered in standard PP and glass cartridges, as well as in cartridges for flash chromatography and in 96 plates.