Product News: Innovative 3D Cell Culture Plate Launched at SLAS

06 Feb 2012

TAP Biosystems has announced the launch of a new RAFT System at the 1st Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Conference in San Diego, USA. The system comprises a new, custom RAFT microwell plate, reagents, plate heater and protocol for the production of 3D cell cultures in a simple, consistent and reproducible format.

Based on a patented process, RAFT enables the production of reproducible 3D cell cultures in a standard 96-well plate format designed for compound screening and cell biology research. It uses collagen to create a realistic cellular environment to study complex cell behavior and gives scientists complete control over their experimental parameters. Researchers can choose cell types and cell seeding densities and create complex co-cultures including multiple layers, if required. A broad range of analytical techniques, such as imaging, biochemical, histological and ‘omics techniques, can be applied to the 3D cell cultures.

RAFT has been shortlisted as just one of nine finalists for the prestigious SLAS Innovation Award for extraordinary innovative advances.

The simple 3 step process of mix, make and measure simplifies the route to improved results from 3D experiments. Scientists simply mix the reagents from the kit with their cells, pipette into 96 well plates and incubate on the plate heater for 30 minutes to form a cell-seeded collagen hydrogel. The RAFT plate is placed on the hydrogels, and in just 15 minutes the medium is absorbed gently, leaving cells “encapsulated” in physiological strength collagen, ideal for use in cell-based secondary screening.