Product News: INHECO is a Leading Supplier of Temperature Controlled Shakers

24 Nov 2008

INHECO is a leading supplier of temperature controlled shakers, heated and cooled positions, thermal cyclers and incubators in the Lab Automation area. Our devices offer accurate temperature control, high precision in shaking and maximum flexibility. The design and manufacturing of customized devices (OEM) is also part of our service.



The INHECO Incubator Shaker MP is a single position incubator for Micro Plates with additional shaking option. The new innovative shaker design offers free programmable shaking patterns with high precision in frequency and amplitude. The patented housing design together with the unique shaker design allows even stacking of single incubators in towers.

Multi Tec Control (MTC)

The MTC is a flexible system containing power supply and controller electronics for supervising heating, cooling and shaking. It can handle up to six different devices simultaneously, saving precious space and reducing costs. The system has a modular design and is easily adaptable to your needs.