Product News: Infinite Latitude with only One Light Source

09 Sep 2008

The use of a xenon lamp as a continuous source of radiation opens up the entire wavelength range relevant for AAS in just one step. Previously, individual methods predominated; now the sequential multielement-routine has become standard. This provides enormous savings in time and cost of materials.

The evaluation of molecular absorption bands, allowing the analysis of additional elements, such as sulfur or phosphorus, is a further innovation.

contrAA® reduces the preparation phase of the measuring process to a minimum. With only one light source for all elements and all available wavelengths, the instrument is ready to measure at all times. The previous dependence of the measurement on hollow cathode lamps is eliminated and the associated costly preparation time no longer applies. The protracted burn-in time of the light source, necessary for conventional line sources, is now also no longer required, since any drift phenomena are corrected simultaneously.