The NanoPhotometer™ - The All-Rounder for Fast and Easy Analysis of Submicroliter and Standard Volume Samples
16 Oct 2006

The NanoPhotometer™ is designed as routine tool for molecular biology labs. With its innovative optical pathway the NanoPhotometer™ and the LabelGuard™ Microliter Cell exhibit special features for optimum measurement results with submicroliter sample volumes ranging from 0.7 µl up to 5 µl of undiluted sample.

The automatic dilution of 1/50 or 1/10 in comparison to a standard cuvette measurement guarantees an extremely high reproducibility and avoids a further dilution of the samples in most cases. If desired, samples can be retrieved after the measurement for further processing. In addition to the measurements without cuvettes, the NanoPhotometer™ is also able to handle standard cuvette applications (quartz and plastic). The average dynamic range for undiluted dsDNA is from 15 to 4250 ng/µl. The NanoPhotometer™ is very easy to operate and to clean. Cross contaminations can be excluded. The available scan range is from 200 nm to 950 nm, the wavelength range from
190 nm to 1100 nm.

Predefined methods are available for single and multiple wavelength measurements, concentration measurements, kinetics, standard curve determinations and ratio calculations. The fully developed software includes built-in methods and functions for curve interpretation, nucleic acid analysis (dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA, oligos), determination of the labelling efficiency (dye incorporation rate e.g. for microarray applications), protein quantification (Bradford, Lowry, BCA, Biuret, Protein A280) and cell density measurements (OD 600). Furthermore, up to 81 user-defined methods can be programmed and saved.

The space required for the photometer is minimal and no additional computer is necessary. In addition to a built-in printer option the NanoPhotometer™ can be linked to a computer network via USB or Bluetooth connection for data export (Excel, ASCII, etc.) and printing options.

The NanoPhotometer™ - One spectrophotometer for all applications
Features at a glance: 
  • ultra low sample volume (starting from 0.7µl) plus automatic dilution feature 
  • measurements without cuvettes plus standard cuvette capability
  • ultra fast full spectrum scan (less than 2 seconds) plus complete kinetic functions 
  • fully developed software on built-in computer plus direct data download option to PC via USB or Bluetooth
  • compact and light weight design, easy to transport

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