Product News: Immunetics Introduces Updated BacTx Analyzer for Rapid Testing of Platelet Bacterial Contamination

15 Oct 2013

Immunetics, Inc., has introduced the updated BacTx® Analyzer for use with its BacTx rapid test for bacteria in whole-blood derived and apheresis platelets. The Analyzer offers automated interpretation, tracking, and documentation — features that not only increase transfusion patient safety, but also provide seamless integration with the laboratory workplace.

The BacTx assay gives hospitals and blood banks a practical tool for assuring the safety of their platelets. The colorimetric assay can detect aerobic, anaerobic, gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria in a single test. The test is designed to enable testing closer to time of transfusion, to reduce the risk of transfusing contaminated platelets.

The updated BacTx Analyzer delivers a faster turnaround of results and a host of new automation and workflow-enhancement features. Complete assay results and analysis are delivered within 30 minutes. STAT, control, and standard assay capabilities allow for testing flexibility. Designed for simple, easy integration, the BacTx Analyzer fits seamlessly into the existing workflow of any laboratory or transfusion center.

“Today, the bacterial contamination of platelets represents a significant risk to the highly vulnerable patients that require transfusions. Existing approaches to detecting bacteria have fallen short, and the industry's need for an effective, low-cost testing technology is greater than ever," said John Yonkin, Chief Executive Officer of Immunetics. "Highly sensitive, specific bacterial detection, as provided by the BacTx rapid test with the BacTx Analyzer, helps improve the quality of patient care.”

Features of the updated BacTx Analyzer include:

• Easy and efficient sample preparation;
• Bar code scanning to minimize user input error and maximize efficiency;
• Random access testing that allows multiple assays to be run at different times;
• LED touch screen to simplify operation;
• Logical workflow to accelerate users' learning curves;
• Passcode and user ID entry that adds security during testing;
• Visual confirmation on both the analyzer and touch screen for best-practice quality control (QC), tracking, and platelet management;
• Automated tracking of tests, trends, and QC;
• USB port for quick and easy download of data
• Small footprint for crowded, cramped lab space.

The BacTx system utilizes a patented, highly specific, universal bacterial detection reagent that has been shown to detect wild and cultured bacterial strains. The assay meets AABB standard and can be used for quality-control testing of:

• Leukocyte-reduced apheresis platelets (LRAP) within 24 hours of transfusion, following testing with an FDA-cleared growth-based bacterial detection device.
• Pools of up to six units of leukocyte-reduced whole-blood derived platelets that are pooled within 4 hours of transfusion.

For more information on the BacTx Rapid Assay System, visit the company website by following the link below or click on the ‘request information’ tab.