Product News: Cost-Effective Workflow for Sequencing Applications from Illumina

05 Nov 2010

Illumina introduces TruSeq™ Sample Prep and Exome Enrichment Kits. TruSeq sequencing reagents provide a streamlined workflow that is economical and scalable, delivering industry-leading accuracy for sequencing studies.

“The benefits of TruSeq are critical for our customers who are routinely generating more than 300 Gb per run with their HiSeq systems,” said Christian Henry, General Manager of Life Sciences for Illumina. “As we continue to scale the output of our HiSeq systems, the multiplexing capability and economics of TruSeq solutions will become even more important. Illumina is committed to continuing innovation in sequencing to help our customers do more and publish even faster. In fact, the 1,000th study using Illumina sequencing was published in October.”

TruSeq Sample Prep kits feature master-mixed reagents and optimized adapter design, making the industry’s most simplified sequencing workflow even easier. TruSeq Exome Enrichment kits, used with TruSeq DNA Sample Prep kits, enable large-scale exome studies using a pre-enrichment pooling approach with plate-based processing of up to 96 samples.

“The RNA Sample Prep Kit allows us to take full advantage of the increased sequencing output of our Illumina instruments,” said Greg May, President and COO at the National Center for Genomic Resources. “RNA-seq is now cost-competitive with microarrays, allowing the design of reasonably priced, rigorous gene expression experiments with appropriate sample sizes for statistical analysis.”

TruSeq solutions provide:
• Coverage of greater than 62 Mb of the human exome, with an industry-leading price of less than $300 per sample enrichment.
• A flexible approach for single-end, paired-end, and multiplexed sequencing with as much as 80% reduction in price for sample prep.
• Sequencing-based gene expression studies with richer data sets, a simpler workflow, and a lower price than arrays.
• A means for researchers to combine up to 48 samples into a single sequencing lane, profiling the whole spectrum of small RNAs with the highest sensitivity and specificity.

TruSeq Sample Prep kits are available for order and expected to ship later this month. For more information about TruSeq kits or to learn more about Illumina’s sequencing workflow solutions please follow the Company article page link top right of this page.