Product News: ICx Nomadics Releases SPR Biosensor for Research and Teaching Laboratories

18 Jan 2007

ICx Nomadics, a Stillwater, Oklahoma-based business unit of ICx Technologies, has introduced the SensiQ Discovery. Discovery provides quantitative, label-free surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based analysis to research laboratories and universities in a cost effective, manual instrument.

This release marks the second product in a line of biomolecular interaction analysis instruments developed by the ICx Nomadics Bioinstrumentation Group.

The SensiQ Discovery is a manual, dual-channel instrument designed to be the entry-level product of choice for university researchers, instructors and teaching laboratories. The instrument combines proven sensor design and fluidics as well as control and analysis software common to the SensiQ line of instruments. Samples are injected manually into one or two sensing channels for characterization studies, such as protein-protein, protein-DNA or antibody-antigen interactions. The SensiQ Discovery can perform specific analysis applications which include binding specificity, kinetics, affinity, concentration assays and binding stoichiometry.

Discovery has been designed to provide access to qualitative and quantitative SPR-based data for researchers studying biomolecular interactions, to labs of any size.