Product News: Experience Flawless Phase Contrast with ibidi’s New µ-Slide 2 well Ph+ and µ-Slide 4 well Ph+

18 Jun 2013

With the introduction of their newest products, the µ-Slide 2 well Ph+ and the µ-Slide 4 well Ph+, German biotechnology company, ibidi GmbH, has once again proven that ground-breaking innovations in microscopy chambers are still possible!

In addition to being optimized for cell culture and phase contrast microscopy, like the classic µ-Slide 2 well and µ-Slide 4 well, the new Ph+ versions now provide a special, intermediate plate in the center of the well that flattens the meniscus. This innovative technique supports meniscus-free phase contrast microscopy in a very convenient manner, which existing microscopy chambers can’t provide.

“The µ-Slides 2 well Ph+ and µ-Slides 4 well Ph+ finally allow researchers to use the most widespread method of phase contrast microscopy in small volumes, and with the highest quality“, explains Dr. Roman Zantl, General Manager and Head of Research and Development at ibidi GmbH. “With this improvement, ibidi has again demonstrated its continued innovative thinking, which was awarded earlier this year when we received the renowned “Innovationspreis der Deutschen Wirtschaft” (German Economy Award).”

As with the existing microscopy chambers, the new µ-Slide 2 well Ph+ and µ-Slide 4 well Ph+ were designed for high-resolution microscopic analysis of fixed or living cells. The high optical quality is comparable to that of glass, which means that every kind of fluorescence experiment can also be done with the highest resolution.