Product News: Horizon Technology Simplifies the Automation of EPA Method 8270D with Advanced SPE Disk Technology

26 Apr 2011

Horizon continues to advance the power of SPE. Today the company introduces a new 47mm solid phase extraction disk optimized for sample preparation of EPA Method 8270D. The new Atlantic™ 8270 One Pass SPE Disk incorporates a mixed phase chemistry blend to capture a broad range of acidic, neutral and basic semi-volatile organic compounds from wastewater matrices.

When used in conjunction with Horizon’s automated sample extraction system (SPE-DEX® 4790) this disk saves time, reduces labor and solvent consumption by facilitating faster extractions and by eliminating the necessity for base pH adjustment of the sample.

The Atlantic 8270 One Pass disk streamlines sample preparation for EPA Method 8270D by eliminating the re-collection of the acidified water sample after the initial filtration through the SPE disk. The new disk eliminates the need for sample basification preventing the formation of troublesome insoluble metal hydroxides that inhibit the flow of the sample.