Product News: First TM3000 Tabletop SEM in Europe Installed At Daresbury Laboratory’s Innovations & Technology Access Centre

14 May 2010

The first of Hitachi’s TM3000 next-generation tabletop SEMs has been installed at the STFC Daresbury Laboratory’s Innovations and Technology Access Centre (I-TAC) in Warrington, UK. High tech companies and researchers based there are now the first in Europe to have access to this new microscope.

Hitachi’s Tabletop Microscope technology has established itself in a host of applications and industries worldwide, by simplifying and facilitating observation of the microstructural world. Used in applications ranging from R&D and Quality Assurance in Materials & Polymer Science, Semiconductors, Food Science, Heritage Science, Biotechnology and Medical Device development, and with installations in research institutes, schools and museums worldwide, the Tabletop Microscope continues to play an important role in education as well as industry. This makes the TM3000 ideally suited to I-TAC’s varied client base and to STFC’s outreach programmes.

Building on the global success of its predecessor, with over 1000 TM1000 instruments shipped, the new TM3000 offers improved performance and greater flexibility. With magnification up to 30,000x, variable pressure operation, 5kV and 15kV accelerating voltages, larger sample handling and a host of enhancements available like EDX and heating/cooling stages the TM3000 is the most capable tabletop SEM available. This added flexibility is achieved without compromising the characterisitic ease of use which has made Hitachi the world leader in tabletop SEM.

Managed by STFC, one of the world’s largest multi disciplinary scientific organisations, I-TAC provides businesses and researchers, from across the UK, with affordable and flexible access to cutting edge scientific equipment. Backed up with specialist support from STFC’s own world leading scientists, participating companies benefit from flexible access to the facilities as well as from the wider business support and networking opportunities offered within the Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus.