Product News: High-volume Deep Well plates

14 Jun 2007

For serial dilution, sample storage, environmental, food and combinatorial chemistry applications requiring larger sample volumes, Porvair Sciences offer a range of high-volume deep well plates.

The plates are manufactured from ultra-pure grade polypropylene that has near zero leachates as well as excellent temperature and chemical resistance. The plate wells are rectangular in shape with a 'v' bottom to optimise sample concentration and recovery.

A selection of different well capacities is available to meet a range of sample handling needs. The 96-well high-volume plate has a capacity of 4ml / well. The 48-well plate is available in three versions, offering 5ml, 7ml and 10ml / well respectively. A 24-well plate offering 10ml / well and the standard height (45mm) of a deep well plate permits users to simply reproduce a large variety of high volume analyses in a single unit maximising operational flexibility.

All Porvair high-volume deep well plates are precisely manufactured to SBS/ANSI specifications making them compatible with automated liquid handling systems and other robotic sample processing equipment. To enable easy sampling access whilst maintaining sample integrity - Porvair high-volume deep well plates may be securely sealed with a Santaprene™ piercable seal. The plates are also easily stackable economising valuable space in low temperature storage (-80C).