Product News: High-Throughput Performance on Traditional HPLC Systems

10 Oct 2009

Grace Davison Discovery Sciences present VisionHT™ Media in High-Speed Rocket™ Columns. VisionHT™ media packed in Rocket™ column formats provides low backpressure and fast analysis times while preserving column efficiency.

They are available with VisionHT™ 1.5μm and 3μm packing materials for use on standard HPLC systems with backpressure limits less than 5000psig. The 7mm i.d. allows faster flow rates that “sweep” the extra system volume faster and reduce peak broadening. This larger diameter also means a larger column volume to system volume ratio to minimize the efficiency loss from the extra system volume.

This benefit is more pronounced over 2.1 and 1mm i.d. columns that have a smaller ratio than 4.6mm i.d. columns and require much lower flow rates for acceptable backpressures. Low flow rates allow more time for sample diffusion within the standard HPLC’s system volume to further degrade the column’s efficiency.