Product News: High Throughput Online-Measurement of Cell Activities without Labeling: The New xCELLigence RTCA MP Instrument

05 Feb 2009

The xCELLigence RTCA MP Instrument from Roche Applied Science was designed for high throughput online-measurement of cell activities without labeling. In comparison with Roche´s RTCA SP, the RTCA MP Instrument enables application on a wider range of experimental set-ups. The new system features, which will find its preferred use in the field of pharma research, has six E-Plates 96 as opposed to only one in the RTCA SP; this advantage increases the result output by factor six. Each E-Plate can also be individually addressed in independent experiments enabling a larger group of researchers to work simultaneously.

The heart of each xCELLigence System is a micro-electronic biosensor which is built into each well of the standard 96 well E-Plate microtiter plates. A cell which has contact with the sensor changes the electrical impedance between the microelectrodes. Each change in the cell’s status – for example, changes in cell adhesion, cell proliferation, cell viability, cell – cell interactions and morphological changes – leads to changes in the impedance measurements and can therefore be easily and quickly detected in real time. Labelling of the cells, which can induce non-physiological changes in the cells, is not necessary. The system is label free and requires no reporters.