Product News: High Resolution Separations without Ultra High Pressure

21 Oct 2012

Merck Millipore has introduced a new range of Chromolith® HighResolution columns to make high resolution separations easy to carry out. The peak capacity is improved, even though the back-pressure is more than two times lower than any particulate packed column of the same size.

Monolithic silica columns are a single rod of high purity monolithic silica instead of particles. A unique bimodal pore structure gives improved chromatographic performance. This leads mainly to improved separation efficiency and column back-pressure and allows for faster flow rates, reducing the analysis time while enhancing the lifetime of the column.

Benefits of Chromolith® HighResolution include a column performance which corresponds to that of 3 µm particle packed column. They have a separation performance of around 50 percent higher than standard Chromolith® columns. With a back-pressure two times lower than comparable particle packed columns the lifetime of the new columns can be up to 30 percent longer.