Product News: High performance, low price – Metrohm Titrino plus

24 Apr 2008

Titrino plus is the new Metrohm product family for routine potentiometric and KF titration analysis. It includes a one-of-a-kind system complete with numerous accessories at an incredible price.
The Titrino plus family has been developed to meet the requirements of routine applications in the course of daily lab operations. The system can be quickly installed, is extremely simple to use, and provides precise results.

The equipment includes the Titrino plus 848 and 877 titrators as well as the volumetric water determination system according to Karl Fischer KF Titrino plus 870. With such features as the large live display with titration curve, «Plug & Play» functionality of exchange unit, stirrer, USB printer, high-precision measuring input, and operation via mouse-click, the system far exceeds the expectations for this price segment.

But that’s not all. Combination with the Compact Sample Changer 869 allows simple and quick automation of the Titrino plus applications. 12 positions are available for convenient multiple determination of samples. The Compact Sample Changer 869 is included in the ready to use package Titropackage plus 848 with all accessories needed for immediate titration.

The Titrino plus family also includes the branch-specific versions Titrino Food/Beverage, Titrino Salt and Titrino Oil. The packages provide everything needed for the most common analyses according to application area. The supplied USB stick contains the relevant application collection: Food PAC, Wine PAC, or Oil PAC. The applications provide easy step-by-step instructions for sample preparation and analysis.

Dosimat plus 876 and 865 ideally complement the Titrino plus family. The equipment facilitates liquid handling such as pipetting and all other types of controlled dosing (extended dosing, content dosing, liquid transfer). They can be operated as stand-alone units or can be connected to the Titrino plus system via a remote interface. The manual Titrator plus 876 completes the new Metrohm product offering for routine analysis.