Product News: New Syringe Pump for High Pressure Applications

20 Jun 2012

Harvard Apparatus has released the new PHD ULTRA 4400 Syringe Pump for the most demanding high pressure applications.

It delivers more than 200 lbs linear pumping force with accurate and smooth flow, force is also adjustable for more flexibility.

It is ideally suited for stainless steel syringes. Versatility is assured with stand alone, remote, satellite and OEM models being available. The intuitive color LCD touch screen with icon interface means the user can easily create, save and run simple to complex methods without a PC. Methods can effortlessly be transferred to other pumps and/or downloaded from a PC.

Horizontal or vertical orientation for both display and mechanism optimizes bench space. It shows high flexibility in connectivity with a footswitch input, USB serial port, RS-485 ports for daisy chaining and a digital I/O. Optional RS-232 (RJ-11) ports are available.

This High Pressure Infusion/Withdrawal Programmable pump offers enhanced flow performance, high accuracy and smooth flow from 3.06 pl/min to 215.8 ml/min.

The expanded capabilities of the NEW PHD ULTRA 4400 Syringe Pump will help you meet and exceed your research expectations.