Product News: Automated Blood Fraction Retrieval with Hamilton easyBlood

22 Apr 2013

The Hamilton easyBlood is a new Standard Solution offering from Hamilton to address market needs and develop a portfolio of tailored products for Biobanking and Clinical Applications.

easyBlood is able to detect buffy coat and gel separators in centrifuged blood tubes and automatically separates these fractions into a variety of target containers found in today’s biobanks. The system uses CCD camera technology, software and precision hardware to identify the three fractions of blood and calculate their exact positions within the sample tube.The system then uses Hamilton liquid handling to retrieve the relevant layers and place them is user designated tubes for downstream applications. The buffy coat is removed using a wide bore tip and careful pipetting.

Other Hamilton standard modules on the system allow the complete biobanking sample preparation workflow to be automated with the easyBlood:

• Barcode reading on primary tube
• Fraction detection (Plasma, Buffy Coat, Red Blood Cells)
• Pipetting of all three fractions
• Aliquoting
• 2D barcode scanning of target tubes (Mircotubes from various manufacturers)

• Automated buffy coat detection and pipetting
• Up to 192 primary samples processed in one run
• Complete sample tracking including storage of image information
• On Deck 2D barcode scanning implementable
• Pre-programmed methods as templates included in delivery

• Automates tedious and error-prone buffy coat pipetting process
• Operator independent pipetting of precious biobanking samples
• Free-up laboratory resources
• Increased sample safety with complete sample tracking