Product News: Hamilton Extends Monitoring Technology to 96-Channel Pipetting Head

09 Feb 2011

Hamilton Robotics introduces the TADM 96 Multi-Channel Pipetting Head, with aspiration and dispense monitoring technology in every channel. The new head is compatible with Hamilton’s MICROLAB® STAR line of automated liquid handling workstations and incorporates the company’s Total Aspiration and Dispense Monitoring (TADM) technology.

Air pressure sensors are built into each channel, which monitor pipetting based on Hamilton’s unique air displacement technology. TADM monitors the pipetting steps in real time and gives users the opportunity to immediately react to problems like empty samples, clots or foam. TADM verifies and documents with a traceable digital audit trail to confirm that a sample has been successfully transferred, which is useful in regulated environments.

“TADM technology for our independent pipetting channels has been well-received in the market and has an outstanding track record since its release over five years ago,” comments Rick Luedke, marketing manager for Hamilton Robotics. “With our new TADM 96 head we can better address the growing need in high-throughput drug discovery and pharmaceutical for more stringent quality control measures implemented further upstream in the drug discovery process.