Product News: New Polilyte™ ORP Arc Sensor for Transmitter-Free Measurement

18 May 2012

Hamilton Company has announced an addition to its Arc family of transmitter-free sensors – the Polylite Plus ORP (oxidation-reduction potential). The new ORP sensor expands Hamilton’s Arc line, which has changed process measurement by eliminating the need for transmitters. The Polilyte sensors feature Hamilton’s proprietary Polisolve electrolyte, which is stable to most organic solvents, even in harsh environments. These robust sensors deliver reproducible measurements and are ideal for high-pressure water, wastewater and chemical applications. They can be steam-sterilized, autoclaved or cleaned in place (CIP).

Arc sensors communicate directly with the process control system, with both analog
(4 – 20mA) and digital Modbus interfaces, delivering high-quality signals for reliable readings. The Arc technology also enables in-lab precalibration and configuration, reducing costs associated with installation and downtime.

“We are pleased to extend our Arc technology to ORP measurement in harsh environments,” explains Amber Ratcliff, market segment manager for Hamilton. “The ARC line eliminates costly transmitters and interference issues while delivering reliable and robust signals.”