Product News: Hamilton Company Announces Addition of Online pH Monitoring to its BioLevitator 3D Cell Culture System

08 Jun 2010

The integrated pH reader monitors the quality of the cell culture media with noninvasive optical measurement, notifying the user when the pH drops below a defined level. The precise monitoring enables media changes only when needed, rather than on an arbitrary schedule. This minimizes cell culture interruptions and optimizes consumption of media.

Two pH monitoring modes can be enabled – qualitative color, which reports absorbance at 560 nm, and semiquantitative, in which the pH value is calculated using several parameters and inputs. Both absorbance and pH decrease while cells are growing. The pH meter is an optional addition to the BioLevitator, which also includes temperature and CO2 control.

The BioLevitator, developed in collaboration with Global Cell Solutions, is the first automated benchtop 3D cell culture system on the market and delivers significant productivity gains to researchers in drug discovery and development, therapeutics and regenerative medicine. The BioLevitator uses Global Cell Solutions’ Global Eukaryotic Microcarrier (GEM*) and can grow four independent, high-density cell cultures at once while eliminating the need for peripheral instruments such as incubators and centrifuges.

“Culture media changes are necessary in any process, but they do interrupt growth and can disturb the cells,” explained Jason March, director of marketing for Hamilton Company. “The BioLevitator’s magnetic technology has always enabled media changes with minimal invasion; now we can ensure that those changes are made only when absolutely necessary.”