Product News: New Black 1536 Well Cycloolefin Microplate

23 May 2012

Greiner Bio-One, a leading technology partner for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry, has recently launched a new black 1536 well cycloolefin microplate. This microplate was developed specifically for use in highly automated systems.

With the launch of a cycloolefin solid bottom black 1536 well microplate for fluorescence measurements and light protected compound storage Greiner Bio-One is once again setting the standard in the field of highly automated drug discovery. The new microplate combines the excellent optical properties of cycloolefins with the company’s know-how in the development and production of high-quality microplates.

Due to their quartz glass-like properties and as a result of their particularly low autofluorescence in the lower UV range, cycloolefins are perfect for sensitive fluorescence measurements. Thanks to their low water vapour permeability and their resistance to polar solvents such as dimethyl sulfoxide, cycloolefin microplates are as well suitable for sample storage in high-throughput screening.

The new black 1536 well cycloolefin microplate was developed specifically for the use in highly automated systems. It has no alphanumerical coding and is ideal for automated sealing techniques using metal cover plates such as those used in the ultra-high throughput screening system (uHTS) of automation supplier GNF Systems.