Product News: Innovative Surface Leading to Considerably Higher Cell Yields

06 Feb 2009

For the first time at Biotechnica 2008, Greiner Bio-One presented Advanced TC™ cell culture products with an innovative polymer modification.

The special surface of the new product range optimises cultivation of fastidious cells and facilitates complex experimental approaches.

To successfully cultivate primary cells or particularly sensitive immortalised cell lines in vitro, it is necessary to mimic the specific in vivo conditions of these cells as accurate as possible. The new Advanced TC™ surface has been designed in such a way to positively influence cellular function and properties.

This enables researchers to cultivate a wide range of sensitive cells as well as cells under restrictive growth conditions using serum-reduced or serum-free media, for example. Distinct primary adherence is achieved after just four hours.

Cell cultures on the Advanced TC™ surface exhibit higher proliferation rates than on other commonly used cell culture products. In addition, less cell material is lost as a result of the improved adherence on the surface during automated washing and pipetting steps. The cell yield is significantly increased compared to conventional cell culture products and test results are more consistent.
The cell-typical morphology is retained even if the cells are subject to transfection or transduction processes. It has even been possible to observe increased transgene activity in transfected cells. Due to their special properties, Advanced TC™ cell culture vessels are comparable in a variety of applications with the effectiveness of a biological surface.