Product News: CELLview improves microscopic vision

18 May 2009

The new CELLview product family developed by Greiner Bio-One GmbH combines the convenience of a standard plastic cell culture dish with the high optical quality of a glass bottom. This new development facilitates high-resolution microscopic imaging of in-vitro cultivated cells.

To understand the complexity and dynamics of biological processes it is essential to analyse the transport pathways of specific proteins or the interaction of molecules in living cells. High resolution microscopy techniques, such as confocal microscopy, are technologically advanced and require high quality of the cell culture product in use. The CELLview cell culture dish developed by Greiner Bio-One has been designed specifically for high-resolution microscopy and live cell analysis fulfilling the mentioned quality standards. The embedded glass bottom enables detailed, non-invasive imaging of in-vitro cultivated cells. While conventional plastic cell culture dishes are not suitable for complex imaging applications such as fluorescence microscopy, the autofluorescence-free glass bottom of the CELLview cell culture dish ensures maximum spectral transmission and prevents depolarisation of light. The unique subdivided version of the CELLview dish for multiplex analyses reduces the required amount of cells and reagents and allows significant time savings in the test procedure. To meet the demands of a wide range of cell culture applications, CELLview is available with a variety of surfaces, including the innovative Advanced TC surface, which significantly improves cellular attachment.

CELLviewTM is a product family from Greiner Bio-One GmbH for high-resolution microscopic cell culture applications.