Product News: New Gilson LC/MS Purification System

03 Jul 2012

Gilson, Inc has introduced the latest in mass spectrometry technology to the industry leading purification platforms. Developed for Preparative HPLC, the Gilson LC/MS Purification System combines best-in-class mass spectrometry with the most reliable liquid handling, injection and fraction collection platforms on the market today.

Gilson has taken the Trilution LC platform, a software package specifically designed by Gilson for preparative purification, and integrated control of the PerkinElmer FLEXAR SQ 300 MS Detector to trigger mass-based fraction collection. Conditional logic collection of Trilution LC allows for utilizing UV, DAD and/or ELSD and up to seven target masses with 1 to 3 adducts per target mass in SIM or SCAN with Extracted Ion modes, making the collection of fractions a quick and easy process.

“Mass-based purification no longer has to be an intimidating or difficult system to use.” Said Atika El Sayed, CEO of Gilson, Inc. “Full control of the Flexar Detector is as simple and easy to follow as any detector in the software, but provides the specificity and efficiency of mass-based purification. Most LC/MS systems use software packages that are more focused on the MS data and in-depth control of the MS, which add a high level of complexity. Our simple-to-use Trilution software package simply treats the MS detector as it does any other detector.”