Product News: HPLC & Automated Tablet Dissolution Testing Come Together

13 Jun 2012

The Gilson 241 Automated Double Dissolution System (ADDS) was developed with a Major Pharmaceutical company to address the growing need for increased dissolution testing by HPLC. The system controls the sampling and HPLC analysis of active drug components in dissolution media.

With the Gilson system, the dissolution media is circulated in a closed loop system by means of a Gilson Minipuls peristaltic pump and samples are taken at the specified time intervals through the use of an innovative flow-through HPLC vial.

The ADDS software controls the whole process from taking samples from the baths to injecting the samples onto ANY HPLC or UHPLC system. Samples can also be transferred into sealed HPLC vials for storage or processing at a later date.

There are 5 different pre-program methods. Sample lists can be imported from other software data packages or created by the user. Standards and samples can be run together in bracketed sample lists. Dedicated system suitability and cleaning protocols are available
The system is designed on Gilson’s tried and tested liquid handling platform and comes complete, with the Gilson 241 liquid handler, software, racks and sample pumps.

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