Product News: Get the Bigger Picture in Digital Pathology

01 Apr 2009

Adding to Nikon’s expanding diagnostics portfolio, the new Mi Macro Imaging Station is an easy-to-use imaging system designed especially for the cut-up room. Providing everything needed to cleanly and safely capture, annotate and measure images of both unfixed and fixed tissues in the mortuary or pathology laboratory, the Mi offers a stable, versatile, contamination-free imaging station which is simple to operate via a touch-screen or foot-pedal. Creating an invaluable point of reference, gross tissue images can enhance the interpretation and understanding of subsequent tissue sections and provide the first step in capturing an entire pathology case history.

Equipped with the top quality Nikon DS-Fi1 digital camera, expertise in photography is not required. Successful image capture is easy with a simple-to-use software GUI and the choice of two imaging modes (standard or publication-quality images). Integral overhead LED lighting creates perfect lighting conditions for optimal images. Remaining cool throughout imaging, this ensures that specimens cannot be damaged by heat.

The Mi has been designed with hygiene in mind. There is no risk of contamination as all operations can be managed though a choice of wipeable user interfaces, such as a touch screen, keyboard, mouse, barcode reader, foot-pedal or graphic tablet. The Mi can be supplied with a PC, however it can be also used with the laboratory network system and PC without any compromise in function.

Intuitive, dedicated pathology-focussed software can be integrated with Nikon’s NIS-Elements Documentation (D) to generate a host of advanced analysis, measurement and reporting functions to make greater use of image data. Bringing all aspects of the digital pathology imaging environment together, Nikon’s NIS-Elements software packages integrate microscopes, cameras and peripherals with powerful archiving and image analysis functions to simplify and accelerate pathology workflow. Ideal for pathology, NIS-Elements D emphasises ease of use and simple menu options to enable rapid image capture, annotation, object measurement and counting, database functions and report generation.