Product News: Gentronix Signs Three Year Agreement with GlaxoSmithKline for GreenScreen HC and BlueScreen HC Genotoxicity Assays

04 Mar 2010

Gentronix Limited announced today that it has entered into a three year agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to provide GreenScreen HC and BlueScreen HC genotoxicity assays for use by GSK in genotoxicity screening.

This agreement extends the existing relationship between Gentronix and GSK in respect of GreenScreen HC, to include the use by GSK of BlueScreen HC in 384 well format, the latest Gentronix human cell reporter-based assay for compound profiling.

GreenScreen HC was the first human cell-based assay technology that combined high sensitivity for detecting genotoxic chemicals with high specificity for reducing false positive results. This assay gives rapid results, provides additional data for safety profiling and consumes very low quantities of compound.

BlueScreen HC is the new Luciferase based assay that combines all of the attributes of GreenScreen HC with the ability to be run in 384 well micro-titre plate format. This new assay provides a viable route to early detection of genotoxicity, which is known to be associated with compound attrition.
The proprietary reporter based assays have been demonstrated to detect known classes of genotoxic agent, and utilize Green Fluorescent Protein or Gaussia Luciferase in order to detect GADD-45a up-regulation, which is a key indicator of DNA damage.

John Nicholson, CEO and Chairman of Gentronix said 'we are delighted to announce this further agreement with GSK. It provides additional validation for our technology and provides an opportunity for our customers to take advantage of the benefits of early liability screening for more cost effective drug discovery and development.'