Product News: Gentronix presents accurate, high-throughput, genotoxicity liability screening to reduce late-stage attrition in drug development

10 Sep 2008

Gentronix is committed to helping the pharma industry reduce late-stage attrition by offering accurate and automatable tests for early liability screening. GreenScreen products are cell based assays for use in pharmaceutical genetic toxicity screening using simple, rapid and high-throughput protocols. GreenScreen is designed for use much earlier in drug discovery than the standard test battery for genotoxicity, and provides positive results that are more accurately predictive of in vivo risk than the current in vitro mammalian assays.

A patented GFP reporter system exploits the proper regulation of the GADD45a gene in human p53 competent TK6 host cells. The base assay detects all common mechanistic classes of genotoxin and a new protocol extends this to include the detection of genotoxic metabolites using S9 liver extracts.

Currently 55 companies in 11 countries are using GreenScreen HC data as part of their genotoxicity profiling strategy in drug discovery.

  • Most accurate genotoxicity screening test available
    Unique combination of high specificity and high sensitivity for genotoxic carcinogens
  • Simple, robust and fast protocol
    Microplate based assay with results in 48 hours using standard lab equipment
  • Conservative use of compound
    Enables earlier screening in drug discovery and hence more effective use of resources
  • Reliable positive data
    Avoids unnecessary animal tests and costly late stage failures of lead drug compounds
  • Compelling economic case
    Minimal investment in early genotoxicity screening delivers major savings in time and money.