Product News: Gentronix launches Bluescreen HC and Expands Services with Comet Assay Testing

29 Mar 2010

Gentronix has launched its innovative early genotoxicity screening assay BlueScreen HC and an in vitro Comet testing service. Introduced at the recent Society of Toxicology 49th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo in Salt Lake City, these cell-based products and services enable accurate and reliable early identification of compounds likely to induce genotoxic stress and damage. This helps reduce attrition rates in drug discovery and allows the prioritisation of compounds for further development in the R&D pipeline.

BlueScreen HC is a human cell-based reporter assay which requires only low milligram quantities of sample compounds. Providing a simple and effective alternative to fluorescence reporter systems the new Bluescreen HC assay monitors the expression of the P53 linked GADD45a gene, upregulated in response to genotoxic stress. The assay produces a flash luminescent output through the use of the Gaussia luciferase reporter gene.

For ease and speed of use, the BlueScreen HC assay is designed for 96-well microplates, enabling four compounds to be screened in multiple dilutions per plate. Additionally, the assay can be performed with ‘S9’ incubation for the detection of progenotoxins requiring metabolic activation. Available in a kit format, or through Gentronix’s screening service with a turnaround time of just two weeks, the BlueScreen HC assay provides full flexibility of use for drug discovery researchers.

Gentronix has also announced a new in vitro Comet assay service to address the need for fast and accurate genotoxicity testing. Providing insight into the mechanism of genotoxic damage, the Comet assay is an increasingly popular choice to support in vivo studies. The mechanistic information from this reliable in vitro assay can be used to follow up compounds that have produced positive results from GreenScreen HC or Bluescreen HC assays. With a rapid turnaround time and very low compound requirement, the Comet assay service is an efficient and cost-effective method for early identification of compounds likely to exhibit genotoxic liability.

Gentronix now offers a wide range of in vitro genotoxicity screening services, with fast reporting of results and expert support providing a flexible competitive service.