Product News: Genedata and Axxam Announce High Throughput Screening Data Analysis Collaboration

03 Jul 2008

Genedata, the leading provider of in silico solutions for the pharmaceutical and life science industries, and Axxam, a leading biotechnology research organization offering early-stage discovery research services for the life science industry, have signed a multi-year contract for the implementation of the Genedata Screener® data analysis and management platform into Axxam`s high throughput screening process.

With an increasing number of pharma and life science companies outsourcing entire stages of their research cycle, the contributions of contract research organizations (CROs) to drug development have never been more crucial. Faster development, earlier decisions on project failures, and higher approval success rates are becoming the norm. To continuously meet those high standards, Axxam relies on Genedata Screener. Screener’s high-quality, high-performance modular system rapidly and flexibly analyzes, integrates and manages all assay data and then combines it with chemical, pharmacological and in vivo information to support Axxam scientists in prioritizing compounds and identifying quality lead structures with the highest confidence. Screener`s open and scalable architecture integrates with existing infrastructures, which allows it to be tailored to specific discovery processes, maximizing value.

Dr. Stefan Lohmer, CEO of Axxam, said, ”Establishing flexible and efficient working practices to ensure client satisfaction is our top priority as a reputable service provider. Genedata`s consistently high performance and data quality along with their expertise and profound scientific knowledge enable us to meet that goal on a daily basis, with rigorous quality control covering every detail, as well as keeping to deadlines and budget terms. Thus, our focus extends beyond the actual license agreement with Genedata, towards a comprehensive, long-term partnership in high throughput screening.”

Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata, stated, “We are proud to have met Axxam`s high selection standards. Genedata as leading research informatics provider and Axxam as ‘best-in-class’ contract research organization for life science discovery research are creating a powerful synergy here that lets us look with excitement to the future.“