Product News: GE Healthcare Launches Easy-to-use Preparative System, ÄKTA Start, for Laboratory-Scale Protein Purification

25 Nov 2013

Ready-to-go straight from the box, ÄKTA™* start is a compact, affordable protein purification system. ÄKTA start represents a quick and reliable solution that removes the hassles of manual approaches and provides automated control of the purification procedure.

ÄKTA start is designed as a stand-alone system that combines a front-facing flow path with a user-friendly interface. The system is controlled via an intuitive touch screen, which displays the UV curve and other run data in real-time.

ÄKTA start allows the implementation of all common purification techniques, like affinity, ion exchange, desalting and buffer exchange, as well as gel filtration. The system therefore supports purification of tagged proteins, antibodies, untagged or native proteins and sample clean-up. ÄKTA start can be run using predefined quick-start protocols, the built-in templates or by creating custom protocols. Application-focused pre-packed columns are offered for common applications.

ÄKTA start can be complemented with the Frac30 fraction collector for automatic protein collection, and the user-friendly UNICORN™ start control software, which provides additional evaluation tools and the possibility of controlling ÄKTA start from a computer.

*Trademark of GE Healthcare companies