Product News: GE Healthcare Introduces ÄKTA™ avant Next Generation Liquid Chromatography System for Accelerating Process Development

01 Sep 2009

GE Healthcare announces the launch of ÄKTA™ avant, the next generation ÄKTA high performance liquid chromatography system providing a complete, robust solution for fast, scalable and high quality protein separations in process development. The built-in UNICORN™ 6 control system with integrated Design of Experiments (DoE) functionality saves time and increases productivity.

The advanced configuration, flow and pressure capabilities of AKTA avant enable the use of modern, high-flow BioProcess chromatography media including MabSelect™ and Capto™, which can shorten process times by days and provide significant cost savings .

Key features of AKTA avant include:
• DoE tool integrated in UNICORN 6 allows the maximum amount of information to be obtained from a minimum number of experiments, with the capacity to significantly reduce costs
• Integrated, specially designed UNICORN 6 control system providing easy protocol transfer during scale-up, and intuitive, flexible method editing
• Column recognition using UniTags and storage of run data history provides traceability and operational security
• BufferPro can save 30 min per buffer or per pH value with automatic on-line buffer preparation
• Compatible with HiScreen™ columns, which are pre-packed with 19 different BioProcess media and have 10cm bed height, ideal for method optimization and parameter screening, savingf time on in-house column packing and associated failures.

The system has a compact, modular design for quick and easy access and servicing. In addition, a built-in climate controlled fraction collector minimizes local heating to allow overnight running of samples.

“Our goal is always to support our customers in achieving results in the most efficient way possible,” said Anne-Marie Modin, Global Sr Product Manager, LC Systems, GE Healthcare. “Fifty years expertise in protein research and two decades experience in purification systems have contributed to the design of AKTA avant. The new system brings convenience, secure operation and data handling that simplifies screening and optimization of process parameters and enables documentation to be produced, supporting faster approval from regulatory authorities, contributing to shorter time to market.”