Product News: GE Healthcare Announces Launch of Co-Developed Biomolecular Imagers Resulting from Alliance with FUJIFILM

12 Oct 2009

GE Healthcare announces the global launch of the first biomolecular imaging systems developed as part of its strategic alliance with FUJIFILM. The announcement comes just five months after signing the alliance agreement.

The four systems being launched comprise two laser scanning and two CCD camera based imagers, which together address a wide range of radioisotopic, fluorescent and chemiluminescent imaging applications in the life sciences arena. In combination with proprietary Amersham ECL reagents, CyDye chemistries and image analysis software products, GE Healthcare can provide extensive imaging solutions to life scientists to support differing levels of assay complexity and budget.

The versatile imagers, which are the Typhoon FLA 9000, Typhoon FLA 7000, ImageQuant LAS 4000, and the ImageQuant LAS 4000 mini, are designed to support a wide range of applications out of the box, with the flexibility to adapt to future applications. GE’s global service and support network will be available to provide cover for all imagers sold under the GE brand.

“We aim to provide scientists with comprehensive system solutions for research, drug discovery and bioanalytical applications,” said Nigel Darby , General Manager Bio Technologies, GE Healthcare, “Furthermore, the integration of the imaging platforms with our global service organization gives valuable support.”