Product News: Wide Measuring Range of Nano-particles with the Laser Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec plus from FRITSCH

27 Jun 2013

With a total measuring range of 0.01 – 2000 μm in a single instrument, the Laser Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec plus is the ideal, universally applicable Laser Particle Sizer for the effective and reliable determination of particle size distributions in production and quality control as well as in research and development. Innovative FRITSCH laser technology makes it possible to separately select 5 different measuring ranges. For elegant measurements with maximum flexibility, highest resolution, outstanding sensitivity - and perfect results down to the nano range.

5 measuring ranges without optical conversion
With your ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec plus, you can choose between three measurement positions of the measuring cell, allowing measurements in 5 different measuring ranges without modification. Your advantage: optimal adaptation of the particle size measurement to your sample.

Highest measurement precision with all detectors
The elegant FRITSCH measuring solution: Regardless of the measurement position you select, the ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec plus always uses all 57 measuring channels of the detector. By combining the various measurement positions, it is possible to perform measurements with up to 165 effective channels. Your advantage: a particularly high resolution and sensitivity.

A third laser for measuring nano-particles
To extend the particle size determination down to the nano range, it is necessary to detect the light that scatters backward. And the FRITSCH solution for this is simply brilliant: a third laser beam utilizes backward scattering for the measurement. This beam irradiates the sample positioned directly in front of the detector through a micro-hole in the centre of the detector. Your advantage: the uniquely large measuring range of the ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec plus with a lower measuring limit of approximately 0.01 μm. And instead of a weak diode a real intensive laser for backward scattering.

Dispersion – Perfectly conceived dispersion units
Basically, any particle size measurement is only as good as its dispersion. For this reason, we have developed the ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec plus as an especially practical modular system with perfectly conceived units for dry and wet dispersion. When switching between wet and dry measurement, the measuring cell, which is located in a practical cartridge, can be easily exchanged – without changing any hoses or modifying the instrument! The cartridge you are not using now, can be easily stored within the dispersion unit. Your advantage: Perfectly neat and tidy!

Your advantages with the ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec plus:
- Measurement of even nano-particles in an extremely wide measuring range of 0.01 – 2000 μm
- Triple-laser technology for forward and backward scattering
- Especially high measurement precision through the analysis of 165 channels
- Fast, automatic particle size analysis
- Practical modular system
- Quick change between wet and dry measurement
- Fast and simple cleaning