Product News: Freedom from filters! The Biochrom Asys UVM340 Microplate Reader

01 Nov 2009

Ever been frustrated about not having the correct filter for your assay application? If so, the Biochrom Asys UVM340 microplate reader could be a wise choice to future-proof your laboratory.

This Biochrom Asys monochromator based plate reader puts you in control of selecting the exact wavelength to measure optical density for your application, without compromise. Select any wavelength between 340nm to 800nm at 1nm intervals to measure absorbance. It is ideal for ELISA and other absorbance applications and there is no need to purchase expensive extra filters or change instruments to perform different assays.

The Biochrom Asys Microplate Reader is a single channel microplate reader that can read 12-96 well plates, giving greater flexibility on plate format than multi-channel systems. Front loading allows easy integration into automated systems and a compact footprint saves valuable bench space.

All Biochrom microplate readers are CE marked and manufactured under a rigorous quality system. Building on 25 years experience in microplate instrumentation, the Biochrom Asys UVM340 provides total flexibility for microplate absorbance applications.

For more information see the Biochrom website.