Product News: New Capillary Options for LC and LC-MS Launched by Fortis Technologies

05 Feb 2013

Fortis Technologies Ltd (UK) is adding capillary columns to its line-up of columns for chromatographers. All Fortis stationary phases will now be available in 75um and 200um i.d. diameters as well as all the previous analytical sizes. Whether it’s a traditional C18 a 300A BIO C18 or something different such as Amino or HILIC it can all now be catered for.

With the ability to choose from UHPLC 1.7um particle sizes as well as 3um and 5um particles there is a vast combination available whatever your LC or LC-MS set-up.

Fortis has been growing rapidly in the last few years and its continued expansion of product lines opens up the ability to cover more and more analyst’s needs. The recent launch of the FortisBIO product dovetails beautifully into this new capillary format and with the ability to pack 1.7um particles into the capillaries means that sensitivity limits can be increased significantly.

To request more information on Fortis products you can visit us at Pittcon 2013 on Booth # 509