Product News: Fluorogenics Launches New Taqtonix™ Lyophilized PCR Mastermix Plates

17 Jul 2013

Fluorogenics are pleased to announce the launch of our newest product line - Taqtonix™ lyophilized 96-well PCR master mix plates.

Like our successful Cyxi™ and Generix™ product families, Taqtonix™ plates contain ambient storage, core PCR master mix with the convenience of being pre-dispensed into 96-well unskirted PCR plates (20ul reaction volume). Stable at room temperature for up to 12 months, Taqtonix™ plates are compatible with a range of conventional and real-time PCR instruments including:

Applied Biosystems - Prism® 7300, 7500, 7900 HT
Bio-Rad - Opticon®, iCycler®, MyiQ®, iQ5®
Stratagene - Mx3000®, Mx4000®

Formulated to provide long shelf-life, excellent analytical performance, instant dissolution and product uniformity; Taqtonix™ will be available for multiple PCR applications including RT-PCR and ROX passive normalisation variants.

Fluorogenics are now seeking distribution for this exciting new family of products that will be available for retail in August 2013.

In addition, we will also offer custom plate services to meet novel user specifications and support alternative PCR instrument platforms.