Product News: FluidX Launches Scope Wireless™, the Very First Single Tube 1D and 2D Barcode Reader Compatible with iPad and Android Tablets

20 Feb 2014

As the company that introduced the very first scanner capable of reading a whole rack of 96 2D-barcoded tubes, FluidX remains committed to developing innovative products which continue to help scientists process, preserve and identify their samples for future decades. Building upon this success, the new FluidX Scope Wireless™ provides immediate identification of any 2D barcoded sample storage tubes (including cryo tubes) anywhere, at any time.

As the first single tube reader that can be connected to iPad and Android tablets, the Scope Wireless is completely mobile and can be used straightaway without the need for calibration or software installation.

Bluetooth connection is achieved in moments by simply scanning a barcode supplied and the Scope Wireless reader can be switched between mobile devices (including iPods, iPhones and Android phones) in seconds for added flexibility.

Robin Grimwood, Director at FluidX, explained that, “as the name suggests, the Scope Wireless is battery powered, so no cables are required, and capable of scanning 50,000 tubes with just one charge”.

Scope Wireless will read any 1D or 2D barcode in less than a second and is easy to use and the LED target lights emitted help make positioning easy, even wearing gloves.

When Scope Wireless is paired to a tablet the user simply opens up an application, such as Notepad, and the results of each barcode scan appears immediately on the tablet. The resulting data can be exported to any application including Excel, Notepad and LIMs.