Product News: New Thermal Imaging Application Story Book from FLIR Systems

29 Apr 2013

FLIR Systems new Application Story Book brings together a wealth of useful information for organizations using or considering using thermal imaging for a scientific or research and development application.

Available as a pdf download or a 44-page hard copy brochure - the Applications Story Book provides a useful introduction to thermal imaging, how thermal imaging cameras work and reasons why you might choose to use this technique.

The following pages detail the large number of Science / R&D applications where thermal imaging has become a preferred technique because of the information it can provide, its ease-of-use and non-destructive / non-contact testing methodology. For each application (high speed analysis, thermal imaging microscopy etc) - FLIR Systems details how thermal imaging is used in the particular area. Further to this a selection of application reports are included demonstrating the benefits FLIR Systems R&D / Science thermal imaging cameras have given to customers in academic, industrial, consumer goods, aerospace, biology, space and medical research, development and design organizations.

In Science / Research and Development applications, accuracy, reliability, sensitivity and high
performance are vitally important. With a proven pedigree for top performance, ground breaking innovation, reliability and knowledgeable global support - FLIR thermal imaging cameras are widely used for a diverse range of Science / R&D applications.

FLIR’s thermal imaging cameras are used for capturing and recording thermal distribution and variations in real-time, allowing engineers and researchers to see and accurately measure heat patterns, dissipation, leakage, and other temperature factors in equipment, products and processes. These cameras can distinguish temperature changes as subtle as 0.02°C. They feature state-of-the-art detector technology and advanced mathematical algorithms for high performance and precise measurements from -80°C to +3000°C. FLIR Systems R&D camera ranges combine extremely high imaging performance and precise temperature measurements, with powerful tools and software for analyzing and reporting.

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