Product News: Monitoring the Thermal Efficiency of Development Projects

04 Jul 2012

The FLIR SC655 is a high-resolution uncooled thermal imaging camera designed to precisely monitor the thermal efficiency of your development project. Using the FLIR SC655 can help to prevent design faults, enhances product quality and cuts time-to-market. 

Affordable, compact, and powerful, the FLIR SC655 provides both high frame rates and full 640 × 480 imagery enabling capture of over 300,000 pixels of accurate temperature measurement data in a single image. The FLIR SC655 enables the capture and recording of thermal distribution and variations in real time, so you can see and accurately quantify heat patterns, dissipation, leakage, and other heat-related factors in equipment, products and processes.

The FLIR SC655 includes the latest imaging and communication features you need to gather important data quickly and accurately. High-speed windowing modes, digital control of image flow and recording as well as full compliance with both GenICam and GigE Vision protocols, make the FLIR SC655 ready to integrate with a variety of third-party analysis software packages.