Product News: ESA to Feature Universal and High-Sensitivity HPLC Detection Systems and Unprecedented Scientific Content at Pittcon 2007, Booth 1039

16 Feb 2007

ESA Biosciences, a Magellan Biosciences company, announced that it will be featuring flexible, applications-focused universal and high-sensitivity electrochemical-detection systems designed to help scientists do their jobs better, faster, and easier – whether they’re doing metabolomics research to uncover the biological mechanisms of health and disease, diagnosing illness, or developing a new drug.

According to ESA’s Vice President for Sales and Marketing, John Christensen, ESA’s solutions are the most robust, flexible, and cost-effective detection systems available. “We design our applications-based high-sensitivity detection systems to achieve the highest level of performance. All are easy to implement, easy to run, and easy to maintain – so you can spend your precious time doing research with your instrument, not on your instrument! We offer a variety of electrochemical cells, including the best in both amperometric and coulometric technology, and can configure a system ideally suited to nearly every need. Visit Pittcon booth 1039 and learn why ESA’s award-winning Corona®CAD™ universal detector is essential for anyone who is focused on delivering more-comprehensive analytical methods, accelerating process development, or ensuring the timely roll-out of products that meet quality specifications.”

Mr. Christensen continued, “The Corona has been widely adopted by all leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide because it solves analytical challenges that no other technology can. In addition, you can see the latest product offerings in voltammetry products for in vivo applications.”
Also at Pittcon 2007, ESA and several independent scientists are presenting an unprecedented number of scientific posters and presentations on a variety of important applications. Some highlights include:
  • Measuring Lot-to-Lot Differences in Polysorbate Preparations by Corona CAD
  • On-line EC Synthesis and Analysis of Small Molecule Metabolites
  • Application of the Corona CAD to Peptide Measurement and Analysis
  • Study & Application of Boron Doped Diamond Electrode as an HPLC Detector: A Thiol and Disulfide Investigation
  • Corona CAD Measurement of Surfactants and Detergents

For more information, including a schedule and listing of Pittcon posters presentations featuring ESA products, visit the article webpage.