Product News: ESA to feature advances in HPLC detection at Analytica 2008

04 Feb 2008

ESA Biosciences Inc., a Magellan Biosciences company and leader in analytical systems for clinical and biomedical-research laboratories worldwide, will present the latest technical and applications developments for its award-winning Corona® CAD® and high-sensitivity electrochemical-detection systems at the forthcoming Analytica 2008 meeting in Munich, Germany (1st - 4th April).

Visitors to the ESA Biosciences Booth 465 in Hall A2 will see flexible, applications-focused systems designed to help scientists do their jobs better, faster, and easier - whether they're performing critical ion measurements for pharmaceutical development, doing free-radical biology research to uncover the biological mechanisms of health and disease, or analysing impurities for manufacturing QA/QC. These systems are supported by ESA's experienced applications scientists and service engineers, who work closely with customers to ensure improved results.

Equally suited to the methods-development laboratory and the factory floor, ESA's Corona CAD system reliably measures compounds, independent of molecular structure, to low-nanogram levels. Charged Aerosol Detection is a robust HPLC detection technology that delivers advanced capabilities to every HPLC user-lab. Besides excellent sensitivity, the Corona CAD shows consistent inter-analyte response independent of chemical structure, enabling quantitation across a range that exceeds four orders of magnitude. This first, real universal detector can also effectively analyse a wide diversity of chemical structures and classes. Corona CAD's revolutionary technology is applicable for measuring virtually any non- or semi-volatile compound such as drug compounds, carbohydrates, steroids, proteins, lipids, peptides and sugars. The Corona CAD makes methods development, validation, and transfer fast and easy for a wide range of industries: pharmaceutical, industrial chemical, polymer, food, and life-science research.

ESA's Coulochem and CoulArray® systems are the most robust, flexible, and cost-effective electrochemical-detection systems available today. These high-sensitivity systems are designed to achieve the highest level of performance. All are easy to implement, easy to run, and easy to maintain - so scientists can spend their precious time doing research with their instruments, not on their instruments. For life science researchers looking to effectively and efficiently analyse thiols, disulphides and related compounds, ESA will show a Coulochem III ECD system incorporating its new electrochemical cell with unique Boron Doped Diamond (BDD) working electrode. The new system provides excellent sensitivity and durability, while eliminating the problems (fouling, high background, and mobile phase oxidation) associated with earlier ECD systems analysing thiols and thioesters.

ESA Biosciences, Inc. enables answers to pressing applications challenges by applying its expertise in specialty detection and electrochemistry, combined with components, kits, and reagents, for analytical laboratories, commercial diagnostics laboratories, and the clinical point-of-care setting. ESA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Magellan Biosciences, Inc.