Product News: ESA Biosciences and Waters Corporation announce collaboration

25 Mar 2008

ESA Biosciences and Waters Corporation have announced that the two companies are working together to integrate seamlessly the award-winning ESA Corona® CAD® universal HPLC detector with the Waters industry-leading chromatography control and data-analysis platform: Empower® 2.

The Corona charged-aerosol detector (CAD) can analyse effectively a wide diversity of chemical structures and important classes of molecules - from small organic molecules, proteins and peptides, to ions, carbohydrates, lipids, and polymers. Many scientists in the pharmaceutical industry already combine a Waters Empower 2 software-controlled LC System with the Corona CAD detector for applications ranging from excipient and formulation characterisation and forced-degradation studies to impurity analysis, cleaning validations, and final product QC. However, today, this requires an additional data-interface module.

"In working with ESA Biosciences, we are responding to the needs of our Empower 2 software users who are using the Corona CAD for their applications. By adding a new feature into our Empower software to control ESA's detector, we're giving our customers more choices and more ways to be successful," said Bill Foley, Director - Product Marketing, Waters Corporation.

ESA's Vice President of Life Sciences Marketing, Jasmine Gruia-Gray, said, "We listen closely to customer suggestions for product enhancements - a key part our commitment to continuously improve results and help scientists do their jobs better, faster, and easier. Customers have asked for a direct interface between the Corona CAD and Empower platforms. We're pleased to work with Waters so we can meet our respective customers' needs."

When the project is completed (expected Q3 2008), ESA will provide free of charge the Empower 2 Software driver to existing Corona CAD customers.