Product News: Eppendorf Extends its Detection Product Portfolio with the Launch of New Instruments and Accessories

05 Mar 2013

With the addition of the new BioSpectrometer fluorescence and the new BioPhotometer D30, Eppendorf has extended its family of detection instruments. The new instruments offer additional measurement capabilities and features to the wide range of Eppendorf´s easy-to-use instruments that combine effective hardware with powerful and innovative software solutions.

The detection instrument portfolio of Eppendorf is supported by accessories and consumables, such as the UVette®, a UV-transparent disposable cuvette, and the new semi-micro and macro Vis Cuvettes. Additional accessories that include reference filter sets and a microvolume measurement cell, the µCuvette G1.0, to measure sample volumes of only 1.5µL, are available.

“Eppendorf continues a longstanding tradition with over 60 years of experience in the field of photometry.” said Dr. Tanja Musiol, Global Product Manager Detection at Eppendorf AG. “From the very beginning, the focus was on obtaining maximum benefits while using the simplest handling methods. This philosophy has remained unchanged to this day. With the current product portfolio, Eppendorf allows to select the optimal combination of devices and accessories from a large, rapidly expanding, range of products. From fluorescence-based applications to microvolume measurements: anything is possible!”

The Eppendorf detection family is used in a broad range of life science applications, including kinetic and fluorescence measurements as well as microvolume measurements. The combination of Eppendorf instruments, accessories and consumables enables users to perform many different applications, with variable sample volumes and concentrations in a flexible way. Equipment can be selected and combined to match the specific requirements of the work taking place, while achieving highest reliability.