Product News: EMD Millipore Launches MILLIPLEX® MAP EpiQuantTM Receptor Signaling Pathway Panel

03 Mar 2012

EMD Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck KGaA of Darmstadt, Germany, has launched a MILLIPLEX® MAP panel for assessing the functional states of cells by profiling a range of receptor signaling pathway proteins. The Luminex®-based approach enables the profiling of 26 analytes including total and phosphorylated receptor tyrosine kinases, non-receptor tyrosine kinases, cellular kinases, and a phosphotase with picomolar sensitivities. Users can easily design customized panels by selecting only the analytes of interest.

Site-specific, quantitative measurements with picomolar sensitivity support diverse sample types and many research and drug discovery applications. Compared to traditional detection techniques such as western blots, mass spectrometry analyses, and radioactive phosphorylation assays, the EpiQuant™ Receptor Signaling Pathway panel provides faster results, increased assay throughput and specificity.

“The new MILLIPLEX® MAP EpiQuant™ Receptor Signaling Pathway panel overcomes a number of challenges presented by conventional multiplex approaches,” describes Linda Meeh, Ph.D., Director of Marketing for Immunoassays and Multiplexing. “In these approaches, the requirement for native protein conformation can result in complex buffer interactions with phosphoproteins and inter-antibody effects. The EpiQuant™ technology uses antibodies against defined protein sequences to capture peptides resulting from protein linearization and digestion in a single cell lysate sample. This approach enables researchers to measure phosphorylation levels of multiple sites, as well as total protein, simultaneously with absolute quantitation.”

The new panel provides highly validated and characterized immunoassay antibodies, all necessary reagents, and optimized protocols.