Product News: EMD Millipore to Showcase New Downstream & Upstream Processing Technologies at BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition

18 Sep 2013

Visit the EMD Millipore team at the 2013 BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition to learn about these new downstream processing technologies.

At this year's BPI Conference, discover firsthand how these products complement EMD Millipore's complete range of upstream and downstream technologies, leading to increased productivity, decreased costs, and accelerated time to clinic.

Clarisolve™ Depth Filters
Clarisolve™ depth filters are the first primary clarification offering with a gradient density structure specifically designed to the particle size distributions of pretreated feed streams. Benefits include the ability to:
• Move directly from primary clarification to downstream sterile filtration without the need for centrifugation
• Eliminate the secondary stage of clarification thus reducing the overall footprint and improving process economics

For more information on Clarisolve™ depth filters, please attend the following EMD Millipore events:

Next-Generation Clarisolve™ Technology for Clarification of Recombinant Proteins from High Cell Density Mammalian Cell Culture Systems
Tuesday, September 17, 12:00pm

Development of a Novel and Efficient Cell Culture Flocculation Process Using a Stimulus Responsive Polymer to Streamline Antibody Purification Processes
Thursday, September 19, 9:45am

Eshmuno® A Chromatography Media
Eshmuno® A is a rigid, high capacity, acid and alkaline resistant Protein A affinity chromatography media for the purification of monoclonal antibodies and other Fc-containing proteins. Benefits include:
• Higher binding capacities than other commercially available media
• Increased productivity and lower costs
• The ability to be cleaned and sanitized under acid and/or alkaline conditions while maintaining high dynamic binding capacity at high flow rates and no significant change in product purity

For more information on Eshmuno® A media, please attend the following EMD Millipore events:

Novel Protein A Affinity Chromatography Resin for Efficient mAb Purification Applications
Thursday, September 19, 12:00pm

Chromabolt™ Prepacked Columns
Designed for early clinical stage manufacturing, Chromabolt™ prepacked columns are robustly manufactured and validated with EMD Millipore chromatography resins and are available in three different sizes (10, 20 and 32cm inner diameter). Benefits include:
• Eliminates laborious manual packing and equipment cleaning
• Fully ergonomic and designed with EH&S considerations: Effortlessly transportable by a single person with 20 cm and 32 cm i.d. columns on castors
• Compatible with all currently available chromatography systems and connectors
• Engineered and designed to safely transport the packed resins and for everyday ease of use manufacturing
• Fast set up time compared to traditional columns

Cellvento™ CHO-200 Chemically-defined Cell Culture Medium
Cellvento™ CHO-200 is a chemically defined, non-animal origin medium in dry powder form that delivers robust cell growth and consistent high performance. Accompanied by complementary Cellvento™ feed products, the new medium is optimized specifically for fed-batch processes using CHO-S cell types expressing monoclonal antibodies. Benefits include:
• Superior cell growth and productivity
• High media consistency
• Reliable homogeneity

Other EMD Millipore Events at the BPI Conference

Rational Approach to Biosafety around the Mammalian Bioreactor
Wednesday, September 18, 12:00pm

Technical Posters
"Virus Clearance on Eshmuno® A Affinity Chromatography Resin Using a Clarified CHO Feed"

"Next Generation Polishing Technologies for Robust Host Cell Protein and mAb Aggregate Removal"

"A Case Study: 3-Step Process for Efficient mAb Purification Using Different Commercially Available Chromatography Resin"

"A Scalable Method for Packing Chromatography Columns"

Visit booth #617 to find out more.