Product News: EMD Millipore Introduces Magna ChIP® HiSens Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Kits

14 May 2013

EMD Millipore, the life science division of Merck KGaA of Darmstadt, Germany, today introduced Magna ChIP® HiSens chromatin immunoprecipitation kits for superior enrichment and detection of specific regions of chromatin-associated DNA. These new kits enable target chromatin enrichment from both low and high amounts of input chromatin while delivering low backgrounds, high signal-to-noise ratios, and ultra-sensitive detection that is compatible with all commonly used downstream analysis applica¬tions including qPCR, next generation sequencing, and microarray.

Two versions of this new chromatin immunoprecipitation kit are available. The Magna ChIP® HiSens chromatin immunoprecipitation kit includes reagents, buffers, and beads for ChIP as well as materials for chromatin preparation and isolation from either cultured cells or tissues. The EZ-Magna ChIP™ HiSens chromatin immunoprecipitation kit includes positive and negative control antibodies and a validated qPCR primer set, in addition to the standard kit's components.

Unique to these kits is a single buffer system used for all sonication, ChiP, and wash steps. This streamlined approach, plus their specialized blend of protein A/G magnetic beads, not only allows ChIP from a wider range of antibody isotypes than kits with protein A or G beads alone, it also delivers lower backgrounds and higher fold enrichment. Unlike other approaches the Magna ChIP® HiSens kits are designed to allow ChIP analysis by qPCR without additional clean-up, reducing the time required to perform the protocol along with eliminating the potential for sample loss during clean-up.

Using these kits, researchers can ChIP from a wide range of input amounts (10,000 to 1,000,000 cells or cell equivalents) and get excellent performance starting from either cells or tissues. Performance of the Magna ChIP® HiSens kit was benchmarked against that of other low input ChIP kits. After strictly following the protocols for all kits evaluated, the Magna ChIP® HiSens kit showed significantly higher performance as measured by fold enrichment and background levels than competitor kits.