Product News: EMD Millipore Introduces DRYPOUR™ Packaging System to Minimize Caking of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

05 Feb 2014

EMD Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck KGaA of Darmstadt, Germany, has introduced the DRYPOUR™ packaging system, which minimizes caking of hygroscopic salts used in pharmaceutical manufacturing during transport and storage. The system, which consists of a polyethylene drum with a tamper-evident seal, a polyethylene liner with integrated desiccant bags and a breathable interior Tyvek® liner, helps improve operational efficiency by reducing the time and effort needed to break up heavily caked raw materials.

The drum and polyethylene liner prevent outside moisture from entering the product. Any water vapor in the product itself can permeate the interior, tear-resistant Tyvek® liner, migrate into the outer polyethylene liner and be absorbed by the integrated desiccant. Unlike other packaging systems, the desiccant bags in the DRYPOUR™ system are fixed to the perforated polyethylene liner, thus preventing contact with the product, so product quality is not compromised. For maximum effect, the desiccant bags are mounted in varying places on the liner.

Improve Operational Efficiency

"The DRYPOUR™ packaging system addresses the shortcomings associated with existing packaging options, increasing operational efficiency and reducing the risk of contamination," noted Philip Schaefer, Head of Pharm Chemicals Solutions. "By integrating the desiccant directly into the liner system, hygroscopic salts are better protected from moisture with no exposure to the desiccant itself. Because caking is minimized with the DRYPOUR™ system, users no longer have to invest significant time and resources to break apart hardened chemicals, a manual process that also carries the risk of introducing contaminants."

Meet European Pharmacopoeia and USP Requirements

A range of the company's line of EMPROVE® pharmaceutical raw materials is available in the DRYPOUR™ packaging system. The DRYPOUR™ system is available in 100 kilogram package sizes and can be moved with common handling devices. The system meets both European Pharmacopoeia and USP requirements.